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Bogen B60/Lenco L70

Bogen B60/Lenco L70 idler turntable with a viscous damped tonearm playing Stan Getz
Retro cool tonearms and cartridges

November 2008 Hi-Fi Show

Upon instructions from our boss, my first audio gig in Manila  was to exhibit projects seen but never heardby the local audience. In particular - mono playback and Lenco idler drive turntables. My wing man setup2 and BenC, a local DIY enthusiast added a twist on open baffle material... ...Philippine Tanguile wood planks, readily available for wood flooring, affordable, more rigid than plywood and even better acoustical properties.
Lenco L75 + Ortofon AS212, Garrard 301 and Thorens TD124II + FR64fx,  MC step-up transformers: Altec 4722, Ortofon SPU-T1 and Tamura TKS83 JELdx preamp and SE300Bdx (driving 755C/OB)
Grease bearing Garrard 301 in laminated birch-ply plinth, Ortofon 309/SPU GME for stereo LPs... ...flanked at the back by the Philippine debut of a viscous damped Velvet Touch tonearm with cartridge slides loaded with a GE RPX and Denon DL102 for mono LPs.
Philippine premiere of Bogen/Lenco L70 doing alternate duty as mono front end JEL mono preamp driving JEL SE2A3dx mono amp

Listening Room - A Music Lover's Hi-Fi

A gentle remindertoaudio hobbyists the term audiophile seems to have evolved to describe enthusiasts who listen to sound as opposed to enjoying music! Thus, if we do not keep a healthy perspective, we may end up as audio burn outs.
My last project before settling in the hideout was to set up a music system for my brother who is gifted with keen ears, plays cello, piano and above all, loves music!
Happy listening bro!

Leica II + Chiyoko Super Rokkor 45mm, f2.8

I rekindled my interest in photography in ye olde JE Labs at the beginning of 2005. Second wave of GAS fueled acquisition of Ukranian Feds and Russian Zorkis. Curious as to what made them tick, led to Barnack clones and the venerable Leica II. I just love how this camera handles...
More Leica II pics using other LTM lenses + Leica II restoration + beam splitter mirror replacement info.

The Chiyoko Super Rokkor 45/2.8 lens came from this ca. '48 Minolta 35 sporting the non-standard 24 x 32 frame, waiting for restoration.

More Chiyoko Super Rokkor 45/2.8 pics


No significant changes in my audio system... ...still making music!

Who Can Tell?

A transcription by Arnold Steinhardt of a Fritz Kreisler song from his operetta Apple Blossoms


The original JE Labs site is gone...