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Canon Serenar f1.8, 50mm LTM lens

This Serenar 50/1.8 came as a body cap on a Canon IVSB2 acquired at a camera show in late '97.It had dust specs, haze, front element cleaning marks and fine scratches. The result from a trial roll was discouraging. I could not find the proper 50mm lens in the ensuing camera shows, instead  I ended up with a minty  Serenar 35/2.8 with matching view finder in its original leather case.

 After shooting a few more rolls, a cousin became really interested in this Canon RF system. Since I was contemplating the purchase of a used Leica M6, I sold the lot with a right of first refusal clause if he decides to unload at a later date. He enjoyed it for several years using an Elmar E39 50/2.8 LTM and the Serenar 35/2.8.
Fast forward to last December, he was trimming down his RF collection and I got the outfit back. Meanwhile  I've read many good things about this Planar design at Rangefinder forum and Dante Stella considers it at par with the original Leitz rigid Summicron.

My curiosity …


Overture to Fingal's Cave, Op. 26, Felix B. Mendelssohm

Manila Symphony Orchestra
Joseph Esmilla, guest conductor
July 10, 2010

On a one week notice, I filled in for a guest conductor who fell ill

Leitz Summar 50mm, f2

My Summars came as body caps on a '30 I > II conversion, brassy '32 and the '36 chrome below.

Notable flaws:
uncoated = veiling flare and low contrast
front element cleaning marks and scratches = soft focus
Leica II + Summar
After cleaning out the internal haze...

Bridge at C&O Canal Black Ice Austin Healey Sprite MK1 Arts in the City
More Summarpics
I also have a Stalin Summar - Fed 50/2 Married to a genuine Fed S ca. '38 with fake Leica engraving

Four Seasons

I performed the Vivaldi Four Seasons on April 9 with the Manila Symphony Orchestra and was inspired to sift through my file of wasted film while testing lenses;0)

For Brian

Time travel to the Mono era
...excerpt from Korngold Violin Concerto performed by Jascha Heifetz RCA LM1782
Video taken during the time I was exchanging mono shop talk emails with Brian...

Brian Clark 1944-2011

Brian's monofantastico!

details of his system
In this day and age we are fortunate to form a kinship with people we never get to meet in person...Brian was a major inspiration when I built my mono Hi-Fi system.
Bon Voyage my dear friend!


...and OLD cars

Early 70s Toyota Celica '60 Austin Cambridge A55, MKII  BMC 1489cc "B series" engine and transmission missing, donated to an older A55 MK1, pre-Farina project BMC cars were popular in the streets of 50s - 60s Manila. Aside from being middle class family transport, petrol or diesel A55s and A60s were operated as taxicabs. I was surprised to find this A55 Farina since many have been scrapped years ago. We had one and I learned to drive in it.
Austin Healey Sprite MK1 looks like an aborted restoration ... I am glad to have taken these pictures...passed by recently and a house is being constructed on this once empty lot...all the cars are gone.
More cine framepics
Testing the Olympus Pen D Happy motoring!