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Architects, Music and Hi-Fi

Music at home Frank Lloyd Wright was known to have equipped his luxury home projects with a grand piano. When I visited Fallingwater some years ago I vaguely remember seeing a Fisher 50C preamp tucked inside a wall mounted console but no grand piano. Perhaps this was because it was designed as a weekend home for the Kaufmann family of Pittsburgh. 
The following are scans of how architects approached music reproduction in homes during the first half of the 20th century.

Charlotte Perriand's Modular Cabinet was part of a Bachelor Pad conceptpresented on behalf of Le Corbusier in Brussels, 1935 - looks like a  ~ 6" fullrange speaker, AM radio/phono amp + an early electric turntable? And it seems like acoustic feedback was not yet a major consideration in those days ;)

Walter Gropius living room in Lincoln, MA
Click on picture for a larger view of the hi-fi components right of center as well as the coaxial speaker further right (infinite baffle?).
Living room of the (Julius) Shulman

Visitors' Open Baffle redux...

A few years back I uploaded a webpage of OBs built by visitors to the old site. Since then I've received a couple of emails with very interesting image attachments of vintage (DIY?) OBs. 
Vintage DIY? ...obviously inspired by G. A. Briggs venerable design. 
Commercial model? ...seems a bit wider, more squat.... Was this an original logo or just pasted on a DIY project? Intended to be hung on a wall?
To those visitors who sent me these pictures, I lost your contact information. If you see this blog please send me a message so that I can give you proper credit, thanks!

Jensen Ultraflex Cabinet for 8" Speaker

Today is the end of a long weekend commemorating the 150th birthday of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. I can't help but wonder whether he as well as our other national heroes died in vain... I am quite confident our current president is a sincere man who wants to get rid of corruption and lead us towards progress but there are elements in government as well as sectors in our society who don't cooperate. ;o( 
But mulling over matters beyond my control is a waste of time and energy. It's best to turn time and effort towards productivity. ;o) When I lived in the USA holidays were spent building projects to avoid heavy traffic and crowded places, so...
Years ago I wrote fondly about the Jensen Duettes as SE amp friendly budget speakers. I am not abreast with current pricing on these drivers and wonder if they still qualify as budget specials?

 Influenced by the article my buddy Rofiel collected a few Jensen and vintage Japanese drivers and wanted to try a bigger cabinet so …

Crooked frames in a Barnack?

I've had this problem for years and have read modern film cassettes are 2-3mm shorter causing the image to slant and/or intrude into the sprocket holes in early Barnacks and clones. With a packet of
 stick-on green felt pads sitting in my drawer, I stuck one in the base plate lock and it worked! I did it to all my Barnacks which had this issue.

Not my original idea, credit should go to this post.


There have been quite a few procedures done to my '82 Mini which I forgot to document on digital camera. Let's back track a bit...
Safety first!
 Brake lines were bled and refilled with fresh fluid. Brake shoes were thick, master and wheel cylinders were working fine so I just cleaned all the drums, adjusted  the shoes (one full wheel turn) and made sure no air got stuck in the hydraulic line.
Pedal pressure was good for a non-servo brake system and the car maintained a straight line on hard braking.

 My dad's initial enthusiasm to test drive the car was curbed upon hearing rattles. All the swivel joints were on their last shims and duly replaced following this preparation procedure from Mini Addicts. The shot steering rack was another major rattle contributor. Haynes manual at hand, this site and the assistance of a mechanic, Gilbert, who never handled a Mini in his life; we managed to get a brand new steering rack in place in less than four hours in my drive way.
The ca…

Mini MK IV Wiper Stalk

While working on other issues in the steering column, I inadvertently disassembled the wiper stalk... far as I know this is the proper way to reassemble and it works!
Key points: brass cylinder at end of stalk = switch contact brass spring installed in X fashion = single wipe action

Steinheil-Munchen Culminar VL 85mm, f2.8 LTM

Typical user sample with front element cleaning marks, mild haze and some dust specs. I shot a few frames and this was the best I got. I suspected the susceptibility to flare and muted colors (like the shot below) was due to the haze.
Before cleaning @ f4
Dismantling is pretty straight forward - remove the lens head from the focusing mount.
Rear element taken off
Cleaning the haze from the middle element
Front element off
Reverse the procedure for re-assembly
After cleaning @ f4

Steinheil LTM lenses were offered by Sears Roebuck in the 50s as cheaper alternatives to Nikkor for their Tower (Nicca) RF cameras. 
More Steinheil 85/2.8 pics