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Beam splitter mirror replacement in Barnacks and clones

[From the Archives, ca. 2005]

Replacing beam splitter mirrors on Barnacks and clones is relatively easy....

Leica II beam splitter mirror


Compressed air, lens cleaner [or windex], spanner wrench, jeweller's screwdriver [1.4mm and 2.5mm], ring wrench [micro-tools 50D] sharpening stone, glass cutter, tweezers, air blower, lens tissues, cotton swabs and needle nose pliers. A digital camera may come in handy too.

To the left is a mirror type beam splitter from Edmund Scientific catalog no. 3043359 with 50/50 reflectivity/transmission. This size is good enough to service a number of Barnacks and clones. To the right are two corroded samples of 8 mm x 10 mm beam splitters taken out a Leica II and Fed 1d. The one at the bottom is a replacement I carved out from the larger mirror. I used a cheap glass cutter from Home Depot and the cuts where not clean so I had to shave it down to size with a sharpening stone with flowing water in the kitchen. I would welcome glass cutting tips from peopl…

JE Labs Open Baffle redux

Original article
November 2008 Hi-Fi Show

Have fun and happy listening!

Classic Light Meter Apps

Light reading gadgets

Selenium - batteries not required Clockwise: Weston Master IV (accurate, serviced by Quality Light Metric), Leningrad 2 (?), Weston Master II (seems to match the IV) and Zeiss Ikophot (?)

Battery dependent Clockwise: Voigtlander VCII (almost as sensitive in low light as the built in meter in the M6), Gossen Luna Pro F (very sensitive) and Sekonic L-208 (not for low light)

When I like to travel light I go back to my roots and shoot Sunny 16 with this gizmo. It's just as good as (if not better than) any of the other toys above since it exercises my mind.

Minis at Monte Carlo '65

Goodwood Revival - Mini