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Violin Making in the Philippines - Amador Tamayo

I have mentioned my friend and colleague Amador Tamayo in Musicfest 2012 and PWU School of Music Performance Program as a cello mentor to our younger generation of talented cellists.

Amador has appeared as soloist with the Philippine Youth Orchestra, Manila Symphony Orchestra and Manila Chamber Orchestra while serving as principal cellist for these orchestras. An avid chamber musician, he has performed two Beethoven Cello Sonatas with pianist Charito Pizzaro and collaborated with esteemed Filipino violinist, Gilopez Kabayao and his pianist wife, Corazon in performances and a recording of Schubert Piano Trio No. 1 in B flat major.
He was a music student at the University of the Philippines, College of Music but eventually finished a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. As fate would have it, under the auspices of the Goethe Institut he was awarded a scholarship to study violin making in Germany. From 1978-1982 he worked as an apprentice to Hubert Schnorr in Hamburg supplemented by stud…

Leica II restoration

[From the Archives, ca. 2005]
As you can see below this camera was in a very sad state lacking the vulcanite cover when I acquired it. The shutter worked only because it was oozing with a WD40 type lubricant mixed with a lot of grime and dirt. Initially I was stumped by the lack of a film take up spindle and spool. Fortunately a short spindle from a Fed 2 bolts on in tandem with a Zorki film spool. 

For details of the procedure on how to completely dismantle a Leica II or clone please go to Jay's site or this concise but EZ to follow technical illustration by Rick Oleson.

partial disassembly of a Leica II
Before disassembly the lens flange to film plane distance [28.8mm] was measured using a caliper just to make sure it has not been tampered. Once this is determined, take note of the location of the shims so that the register will be exactly at the same specification upon reassembly. The shims on a Leica are mostly metal with a small piece here and there of vellum like thin paper for …