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Altec 2-way horn system redux

Truth be told, I was never fully satisfied with the performance of the Altec 2-way which is why I never uploaded the old article in the Arkiv.
Let's recap how the 2-way horn system evolved...

The project was conceived in mid 1998 because I needed a monitor system that was more efficient than the OB/755 so I could listen to SE amps with 2 watts output and below.
I commissioned my cabinet maker neighbor to build 614 bass reflex cabinets and loaded them with Altec 419A 12" drivers + 811 horns (early version/heavy sand cast) and 804A compression drivers gathered from hamfests and radio shows. Crossover was a textbook 1st order/6dB/octave hinged at 900 hz and the horn padded down to match the sensitivity of the low frequency driver.

Eventually I acquired proper 12" woofers - Altec 414As, which lack the upper midrange nasties of the 419As. The 414As have great midrange quality even if they lack the bass end of their larger 416/515 brethren.

802D compression drivers replaced t…

Water Pump

visited a friend the day after Christmas. On the way home the water pump started squealing badly ;(
The radiator and fan had to be removed.

Old pump off - I hosed the water jackets in the engine block and cylinder head until the water became clear. Lots of rust.

New water pump to the left ready for installation.

Done - elapsed time ~ 2.5 hours

Vault Special Issue 2013

Check out JE Labs in the latest issue of Vault Magazine.

Grey L75 + Schick 12"

Happy Holidays!

Altec 32B horn

I've been listening to this horn and liking it A LOT! 

The lineage of this horn can be traced directly to the Western Electric 753 monitor (scroll down).

More later ;)

Hashimoto HC-203U SE output transformer

In the past I have used a pair of H20-14U for the JEL SE10dx monos project and I'm also very familiar with the not quite soSimple 45 fitted with H20-7Us built by Setup 2 for the November Hi-Fi Show head honcho. Today I will report on the entry level SE OPT offering from Hashimoto.

Technical and listening tests were conducted using the JEL SE2A3DX circuit.
Scope jockeying the HC-203U (Primary DCR=150 ohms) 100hz



Tango U808 (Hirata not ISO*)

(Primary DCR = 200 ohms) 100hz

*Tango ISO (successor to Tango/Hirata) closed operations in September 2013.

Aside from a 3.71mm difference in lamination thickness and use of flying leads instead of terminals (U808) these two transformers seem to be technical and physical twins. But sonically they're not even distant cousins. The HC-203U is a bold performer and gives a front row presentation. Given its rather small stature, it has bass slam and definition that I associate with transformers twice its size. Vocals are pr…


30 Watts Street Soho, NYC Winter '93
A short-lived (early 90s) Hi-Fi shop located in SoHo NYC owned and operated
by Don Garber which featured amplifiers and speakers crafted by himself and other audio artisans

November 2013 Hi-Fi Show

Michael Fremer, NFHS 2013 Guest of Honor Check out his show coverage in Analog Planet 
Harana/Setup/Tono Room 446 Harana Audio's 2-way horn system + JBL 2405 super tweeter Altec 515 woofer loaded in Joey's V-Vent 2 cabinet, Altec 511 horn driven by an 802 compression driver. Harana custom "low loss" crossover. 
JE Labs SE2A3 monoblocks (6SN7GTB > 2A3) built by Joel Villanueva  Chassis by Harana Audio
JE Labs full function preamp (6SL7s + 6SN7s) in a two tier chassis designed by Harana Audio
Grease bearing 301 in Harana Audio plinth with SME 312S arm and Denon DL103 hooked to a pair of Silk transformers
Harana/Setup/Tono and JE Labs only use AT&S power transformers and chokes from Edrel Sison

DIY Audio Highlights
SE VT25 and SE 2A3 amps by Eric F.
76/6SN7 line stage pramp by Eric F. inspired by JE Labs ;)
Phono stage preamp by Eric F.
2-Way horn system built by Lin and Larry
Scott 710A turntable + Grace G-560S

Turntable and Photom tonearm built by Mandy M.