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Jensen Ultraflex redux

A few updates to the Jensen Ultraflex  The fixed resistor attenuator was inspired by the Jensen Duettecrossover + recent knowledge gained in boosting frequencies above 7khz using an EQ network in my Altec 2-way XO experiments. Try it on your Heathkit SS1 or Eico HFS1 which AFAIK, used only a 2uf beeswax paper cap + L-pad.
Happy Listening!

de Forest 410 Mesh Plate

I've been feeling nostalgic lately especially after unearthing a box of prints and negatives which I've been scanning and uploading in the Arkiv.

PT-6A Horn Tweeter

It's been many years since I listened to 2 cubic foot slanted front boxes loaded with 755s. The 755E was chosen because I have had the least flying hours with them. In the past I used either Altec 3000H or Fostex FT17H to fill in the extreme top end on the 755C and 755E. But the FT17H has been gone in a trade for quite some time. 

While browsing my favorite local electronic parts supply store, I found this pair of plastic horns for a little less than $20/pair. With specs and a price like that it would be worth the fun playing with them had they turned out to be duds.

The model number and trademark printed on the box don't exactly match what are stamped on the unit itself. Back in the 70s-80s, Micro was a 100% Philippine manufacturer of speakers and drivers. It doesn't seem to be that way anymore ;( I am guessing the "K" = Konzert, and "PT-6"A is an allusion to the vintage Pioneer PT-6 from the 60s from which, I speculate, this unit was inspired (or clo…

Fuji X-E1

I have been a happy user since October 2013 ;)