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November 2014 Hi-Fi Show

Harana/Setup/Tono, Room 550

LP playback: Garrard 301 in Harana plinth, SME312 tonearm + Denon DL103R through Silk MC transformers Line source = iPod
JE Labs full function preamp built by Rex using 2 x 12SL7s in the phono section, 2 x 12J5s and 2 x 12SN7s in the line stage, 5AR4/GZ34 rectified outboard power supply using transformers and chokes by Edrel Sison 
Hartley 24" woofers in Harana Audio V-Vent II bass bins, Vitavox 500hz horn with S2 compression drivers and Electrovoice T350B super tweeters
A pair of Dynaco MKIII monoblocks in triode configuration drove the bass bins + Harana Audio SE300B with Tango XE60-3.5S output transformers energized the midrange and super tweeter horns.
Joey of Harana Audio and Joel of Setup
Rex, Joel and Joey
Ding, visiting from NYC, Joey and Edrel at the back

DIY Neighbors

Room 547

Room 555

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