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Asano, MJ and Stereo Sound Tube Kingdom

In the past, I've posted pictures of books and magazines which shaped my audio DIY journey like Sound Practices, Radiotron 3rd edition and RCA tube manuals. The following publications were also significant influences, despite my not being able to understand Japanese. The schematics and high quality pictures speak for themselves.

Isamu Asano (1914-1981) was a banker who built amplifiers as a hobby. His projects were compiled in these two volumes.

A 3 stage RC coupled 27>27>45 SE amp.

A single-ended Western Electric 205D triode driven by two stages of type 56 triode.

Mr. Asano also contributed articles to MJ.

MJ articles cover vacuum tubes all the way to the latest in digital technology.

Some issues may feature a listening room or two...

or even a recording session

technical graphs

A quarterly vacuum tube(centric) publication + special issues devoted to classic equipment and components.

Issue No. 3, 1996

This was the source of inspiration for my Open Baffle project.

The Altec…

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