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VPI 16.5 - New Housing

I got this machine in the early 90s from Steve at Angela Instruments when he upgraded to a more deluxe unit. It was originally a VPI 16 (note the traces of the lid mounted vacuum nozzle), surplus from Towson University Library. Eventually the turntable motor burned out and when I placed an order for a replacement motor, I also opted for the ".5 upgrade kit". 

After 8 years in the tropics, the particle board housing started to rot due to extreme humidity.  So I took it apart, labelled the wiring and took pictures for easier reassembly.

I enlisted the help of Joey's woodworking shop foreman, Badjo, to duplicate the original using higher quality phenolic plywood.

This is the new box in its final reassembly phase - vacuum motor installed, turntable motor, platter and switch plate next.

Good for another lifetime?

With over 2000 LPs to care for, I need a back up in the form of my trusty Nitty-Gritty 1 from the 80s ;)

Dai-Ichi PT-6 Horn Tweeter

Over a year ago, I blogged about the cheap 'n cheerful locally manufactured Konzert/Micro PT6A horn tweeter which visually looks like a lineal descendant of the highly regarded Pioneer PT-6.  I have no experience with the Pioneer PT-6, but have owned and enjoyed the similar Pioneer PT-3K.
My buddy Rex chanced upon another PT-6 local clone made by Dai-Ichi which used to supply OEM drivers for the late lamented Radio Shack. He also supplied an original Pioneer PT-6 but unfortunately, it has a blown mylar diaphragm. So I pictured it in the middle of this trio as a visual reference.
The Dai-Ichi PT-6 is finished in a nice black powder coated cast aluminum instead of cheap molded plastic in the Konzert/Micro. However, the mostly useless specs are similar:  100 watts max, 60W nominal (Good marketing, but...) 8 ohm voice coil impedance +/- 15% (...hmmm) 2.5khz-20khz frequency response (parameters??) 94dB sensitivity +/-2dB (ditto???)

Off the bat, I will caution anyone not to even consid…