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DIY Audio and Music in Tokyo

My fascination with Japanese culture was sparked by my passion for DIY Audio. As my hobbies expanded to photography and restoring an Austin Mini, I realized that my pursuits run parallel with many Japanese aficionados. As soon as we landed in Tokyo, I searched for bookstores to browse the latest magazine issues related to these interests.
I've written about my collection of Japanese audio magazines and books which I used to order from Kinokuniya Books in NYC. 

I found the Kinokuniya main store in Shinjuku. But my enthusiasm was dampened when I found the selection of vintage and tube related audio magazines was rather sparse. However, I soon discovered that the audio department of... 
...BIC Camera and...
...Yodobashi Camera stock the latest, as well as more recent issues, of Stereo Sound Tube Kingdom, MJ and other Tube DIY-related publications.

Magazines and books are not light, so I had to choose carefully to comply with baggage allowance limits ;)

A trip to Tokyo for a…

Camera Life in Tokyo

Armed with tips from Japan Camera Hunter and Tokyo Camera Style, here's my camera tour of Tokyo. Our trip was interspersed with sight-seeing, visiting museums and attending classical music concerts.
Camera Box in Shinjuku
While some friends and I were looking for a bar in Shinjuku, I stumbled upon Camera Box but it was already closed. I made sure to go back the following morning.

Got this refurbished Super Fujica 6 medium format 6x6 rangefinder camera from Camera Box. It wasn't a bargain but I've wanted a coupled RF medium format camera for so long ;)
Kitamura Camera in Shinjuku

Map Camera - very upscale atmosphere, lots of Leicas, clones and lenses but no bargains here.
Katsumido Camera in Ginza
Happy with the loot ;)
Olympusflex and Ricohflex TLRs + Canon 7s unearthed from the junk camera bin at Katsumido - all for less than $100. The shutters on all three cameras work. Viewfinders in the TLRs need cleaning and I was told by a salesman that the only problem with the Can…