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Austin Mini Maintenance Woes

As soon as I got the brakes sorted...

...I had the exhaust leak fixed. 

In preparation for the summer heat, I installed the  heater matrix  to function as an auxiliary radiator.

I was about to take out the clutch master cylinder  to clean up the rust, but it was too late.
Now I have to wait a few weeks for a replacement clutch master cylinder ;(

Listening Room - JE Labs

Hi-Fi Lounge, late 2008

I started this blog in 2011 and overlooked the fact that I haven't posted details of my systems. Visitors who remember the defunct site will be familiar with most of the components apart from a change in venue.

Stereophonic Hi-Fi

Garrrard 301  Ortofon RMG309 + SPU GME SME 3012 + Denon DL103S
Thorens TD124 SME 3012 + Denon DL103R Audio Technica ATP12T + Denon DL 103
MC step-up transformers
Altec 4722 + Tamura TKS83
Sony DVP NS500V
Dyna FM3 MPX
Scott LT110B FM tuner is out of commission ;(

JEL Preamp DX 
JEL SE300B monoblocks
Tamura F7002 OPTs

Tango NY15S OPTs

Radiotron SE2A3
Tango U808 OPTs

JEL Simple 45
Tamura F745 OPTs
Tango H5S OPTs
Altec 2-way
JEL/N1600C crossover

Open Baffle, Altec 755As, 755Cs and Altec 755Es are
currently in storage at an undisclosed high security facility ;)

Monophonic Hi-Fi
JEL Mono Playback

Rek O Kut B12H

Altec 32B horn redux

Three years ago I replaced the Altec 811 horns with Altec 32B horns in my 2-way speaker system. I think I now have an unscientific explanation as to why I've been enjoying the Altec 32B.

Somewhere along the way I acquired a pair of RCF H3709 horns. I was rooting for these horns because they resemble the Altec 32B but with a straight throat. The RCF H3709 to a much lesser degree, still exhibited some congestion and harshness I found objectionable in the Altec 811 in near field listening. Perhaps a judicious amount of damping applied to the thin walls of the RCF H3709 will significantly improve its performance. 

Based on the throat comparison picture above, I attribute the sonic superiority of the Altec 32B in my listening environment to its unconstricted and constant flare throat. But that's just my empirical observation ;)
Additional Information
Here's a quote from a post by Steve Schell at the Altec Lansing Forum
"...the initial throat portion of the H811b appears to…