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Vostok Bezel Mods

From NATO'ed to Bezel mods

Vostok Amphibia 110640 + Bandukh Bezel

Murphy 1050 bezel + Seiko 'Pepsi' insert

Vostok "mod" Amphibia 420432

Budget SE OPTs - Edcor and Noguchi

All output transformers were tested in the je2a3 amp using the same procedure as I did in the Hammond 125ESE many moons ago. Listening sessions were done through the same amp driving a single Altec 2-way speaker system

Primary Z = 3.5K Secondary = fixed @ 16 ohm Frequency Response = 40Hz - 18kHz, <1dBu  Maximum DC current = 190 ma. Core Material = M6, 29 ga. grain oriented steel
I ordered this Edcor OPT to get a feel on what's available to a cash-strapped US-based DIYer. It took over 3 weeks to be delivered to my doorstep at a total cost of $58.67. The nice square waves indicate quality manufacturing. Bass performance was at par with the Noguchis. But from the midrange to higher frequencies it was not quite as open and transparent. Maybe the Japanese manufacturers use higher quality laminations than the M6 steel used in this Edcor? Since the Hammond 125ESE now sells for about $60 before shipping, the GXSE15-16-3.5K would have been much better value for the money if it were o…