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Spring 2017 Camera, Hamfests and Radio Shows

Kutztown Radio Meet May 12-13, 2017 Kutztown, PA

I used to frequent this radio show until I left in '08. It used to be a relatively small event but has evolved to the biggest radio show in the east coast.

A pair of MC60s + a Dyna PAS 3 preamp

RCA preamp/mixer + 2 x Rek O Kut B12s

My friend Larry's booth featuring handcrafted and modified tube preamps and amps

Mike used to sell vintage audio but has shifted to classic/vintage film cameras. An avid music lover, he still listens to a hifi system using carefully chosen classic equipment.
Got an EV MC12, loktal triodes, 6C6 pentodes, a 10Y and a Ciro-Flex C TLR
more Kutztown pics

Photorama USA June 3, 2017 Centreville Moose Lodge Fairfax, VA

Twenty some years ago I frequented Photorama shows in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area.

This was a good place to source classic cameras, lenses and accessories during pre-eBay days. Since I've been in the market for a Sonnar 50mm f2 or f1.5 for my Contax II, I thought I'd try my luck at …

2017 Update: Hi-Fi Room

One year progress report

Garrard 301 + Ortofon RMG 309/SPU GME or SME 3012 + Denon DL103 Altec 4722 MC step-up
Digital line level sources processed  through UTC A20 transformers

JEL Stereo Preamp DX
JEL Stereo SE2A3 DX amp with Tango NY15S OPTs
Altec 2-way Altec 414As in 3.5 cf bass reflex enclosures + Altec 32A horns with 802D compression drivers
Mono Neat P58H 4 speed idler turntable + Velvet Touch viscous damped tonearm with Denon DL102 or GE RPX cartridges

je2a3 mono integrated amp